Popular games


5.5 Lei / day 109 Lei    •    1.1 kg


5.7 Lei / day 114 Lei    •    0.8 kg

Azul - Summer Pavilon

9.5 Lei / day 189 Lei    •    1.3 kg

7 Wonders

7.6 Lei / day 151 Lei    •    1.1 kg


Request a photo about the game by generating a unique code.The code will be included in the photo, so you can be sure that the game is in a good condition.

Without damage

We deliver the games in a rigid plastic box, this way we exclude the damage during the transportation.

Virus free

Your safety is mandatory! Therefore games arrived back to us will be held in quarantine for 3 days.

Free delivery

If you have a personal box subscription, or the deposit is above 250 Lei, you benefit from two way free delivery!

About the project

Hi there, my name is Szabó Sándor István, from Oradea. I'm a software developer, entrepreneur and last but not least an enthusiastic board gamer.

Of course, I'm also a dad and a husband, and so my wife one day drew my attention to our dust gathering board games.

I just sat there and wondered many hours: "So many expensive games, and we played them only a few times... and they occupy shelf space for nothing".

I began to ask around, and it turned out that I'm not the only one with these problems. Therefore I started to search for a solution and apparently i found one:

A country-wide board game rental service!

It sound easy, tho it was harder to execute...

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