About the project

Hi there, my name is Szabó Sándor István, from Oradea. I'm a software developer, entrepreneur and last but not least an enthusiastic board gamer.

Of course, I'm also a dad and a husband, and so my wife one day drew my attention to our dust gathering board games.

I just sat there and wondered many hours: "So many expensive games, and we played them only a few times... and they occupy shelf space for nothing".

I began to ask around, and it turned out that I'm not the only one with these problems. Therefore I started to search for a solution and apparently i found one:

A country-wide board game rental service!

It sound easy, tho it was harder to execute...

Harder, better, faster, stronger

I had no experience in retail management nor in rental services, and i had no idea about how manufacturers, distributors and courier companies are related to each other. On top of that, I was alone for all the tasks.

I wasn't prepared for the upcoming hard 6 months, full of mailing, phone calls and redesigning.

Afte a brief market research I headed over to the manufacturers, because I knew I needed more games than I currently had.

The hardest part was to find a cheap but reliable courier company. It was clear to me that a high shipping fee will drive away customers, especially because they need to pay a two-way delivery, so the delivery cost is actually doubled. Most of the couriers offered a 30-40 Lei, for only one way... c'mon, I'm not selling gold!

I trust!

I got many cautious comments mentioning that my customers will destroy my collection. Out there lives pure evil! People, no, more of that... monsters in flesh, who cook card soup for dinner, and their destiny is to hunt down and destroy board games.

I don't want to believe this is true!

I'm sure we're not living in such a dark world!

I knew there were many honest and goodwilling people, who deserve trust, and who are willing to use such a service in a long term without damaging the products intentionally.

I wanted to give them the most I could.

But what can I give?
I sacrifice a part of my own revenue covering the delivery fee for them, and the most important:

I don't ask for a deposits - this way I give maximum trust to my customers.

But how?
I found a hungarian project, which rented boxes filled with random games to their subscribers. I transformed this idea into a system with different box sizes and customizable content, and developed it on a fully automated online platform.

Finall boss: Attrition

I needed a solution that protects both the customer and the owner at an equal level.

I knew if I don't treat this issue well, since it's a unpredictable factor, it can easily put an end to my board game rental dreams.

The 100% deposit seemed a good idea in case of the Single rental model, but I didn't want to burden my box subscribers with this kind of transaction. How could I prove my trust otherwise?

Accidentally I ran into a UK children's game site, which rented their products through the same subscription plan. If a product got damaged or not return, they blocked the account, but left the recurring payment open, this way the damage was payed either through a bank transfer either through the recurring payments. Fair, without deposits and without risks on either side.


If you make the math, it will turn out that one can not make a living from this business. It's more of a hobby based on another hobby. Of course, I don't mind if I make some bucks in the meantime :)

If the project does not go bankrupt in the first year, I would like to extend it with:

- a party finder module,
- a board game buy-and-sell module,
- a database of board game clubs and pubs,
- a country-wide event feed.

I'm gonna prove it

Beside these, my primary goal is to expand the rental network.

If I can prove for the gamers with a decent collection that the "meeple-omlette gobbling goblins" does not exists, we could do some really amazing stuff together!

We can make a distributed network where people rent to people, instead of renting from a store to people.

Think about it, how cool would it be, if:

- you could choose from a collective stock of thousands of games,
- you didn't have to pay delivery fee (because the game doesn't need to travel through the country, instead you'll find it in your town),
- you could rent even cheaper, and the cost could be set by the owner of the game.

It would be extraordinary, right?

Help me to make it reality!