Privacy policy


Did you read it? Did you found it useful or did you at least understand it? I don't think so.

Let's get this clear

Exclusively, you can read an explanation about this topic from a web developer, one of the geeks who copy-pastes those over-sophisticated and weird texts for his web shop owners to include it in their websites.

First of all, let's make clear two things:

1. Neither you or the authorities have control over those databases of general use, in which you're going to register as a client (for example in a clothing web shop). They can be sold, exchanged, sent, cracked and no one can track these transactions - technically speaking. This means, whatever states a site owner in his Privacy Policy, those are just words.

2. Those cookies doesn't sell you out. Firstly, those cookies have been used since browsers exists, and still none of the programmers figured out what's the color of the next door girl's underwear, at least not from digital cookies. Secondly, ordinary web shops uses 95% of the time temporary cookies only, which are deleted when you close the browser.

Cookies explained

It's a tiny text file, which contains text, surprisingly :) No need to be afraid, since beside cookies there are thousands and millions of text files on your computer which you don't know - but it seems those who made the GDPR legislation knows all of them, and they are green-flagged. Those who trust them, please, turn down your antivirus now! :)

I admit, there are also persistent cookies, and on the back of those a malicious programmer can access your private data, but honestly, those guys know a dozen of other black techniques to get into you. It's like you cut off one of the thief's finger, but he sill has 9 more - on top of that, because you don't know who's the thief, you're gonna cut off a finger from all the suspects. Good job!

Is there any more reason to say I'm not going to use your data for other things than shopping on my site? Is there any reason to accept that cookie accept popup?

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