Frequently Asked Questions

  How many games can I rent at once?

In case of Single Rental you can rent only one game at once. If you subscribe for a box, you can add more games to the box, depending of it's size (2, 3 or 4).

  How much is the delivery fee?

In case of Single rental, the delivery fee is 30 Lei if the value of the deposit is less than 250 Lei. If it's 250 Lei or more, than the delivery is free of charge.

The box subscription orders benefits from free delivery.

When we speak about delivery, we mean all the time a two-way transportation.

  Can I pay with cash on package arrival?

No unfortunately. Since the deposit acts like a guarantee, and we can't return it in cash, you can make payments only online with a card on MobilPay.

  How is the rental period calculated?

The rental period is calculated from the date of package arrival to you (this is the first day), until the package is handed over to the courier for return (this is the last day).

For example if you get the package on Monday, and you hand it over to the courier for return on Friday, it means you rented the game for 5 day.

  Is it possible that I'll get damaged games?

No, it's impossible. The games are delivered in two boxed: one is a cardboard box in which we put a rigid, plastic box. In this box the games are wrapped in bubble wraps or the spaces are filled with papers and cardboard. Therefore damaging during the delivery it's impossible.

On the other hand, we check the games upon arrival back, and we put them back on stock only if they are fully playable and in a good condition.

If you want to check a game condition, you can request a photo from that game before you rent it.

  I damaged a game accidentally, what's going to happen?

Accidents may happen. In case of Single rental, based on the contract, we should retain 100% of the game's market price. However, if the damage can be fixed without replacing the full game, we may retain only a part of the deposit.

In case of a box subscription, the account will be suspended until the damage invoice is unpaid, but we will apply as well the partial damage invoicing.

  I didn't receive a package, which was confirmed by

More than likely, the courier didn't arrived yet. However, if your package is still missing after 4 working days, contact us for tracking down the games.

PS: At the end of december delivery times can take longer than usual.

  How can I upgrade my box?

Send us a message on the Contact page regarding upgrades. The upgrade / downgrade will be activated after the next recurring payment.

  How used are the games?

Of course, the games aren't new. This does not mean, that they are in a disgusting state.

It depends on the number of rentals, but also on the duration of the rentals, but in general the games are considered unusable after 10 delivery.

If the game is dirty in general, or most of the cards are worn out, or the illustrations on the board or on the cards are unreadable, the game is changed immediately.

If some cards are bent or warped, or there are scratches on the game board or meeples, or the game's box is slightly damaged, we continue to use the game.

These are examples only, but can be used as a guideline regarding these kind of questions.

  Will you increase the games on the list?

Of course! At the moment we have only a few dozen of games, but we want to increase their numbers to a few hundreds. In the following years we will use the entire generated revenue to buy new games.