Payment informations

We accept online payment only through MobilPay online payment gateway

Why do you accept only online payments?

A few reasons:

1. The deposits are kind of a guarantee, which need to be returned, and this is impossible through cash on delivery systems. We could manage to return the deposit on a bank account (IBAN), but this is more complicated then returning an online transfer.

2. Cash on delivery systems have a cost. Courier companies charge a percent of the handled amount, and we would be forced to add that fee to the delivery tax.

3. Subscription can be payed on a recurring basis via online. This recurring system ensures us that the monthly payment is made, without thee need of intervention from either side. It would be more slower and harder by monthly bank transfers or by cash on delivery.

4. Because THIS IS THE FUTURE! And this feature arrived to us for some time, but apparently we don't let it cross our country borders. As a web developer, many of my customers are afraid to add the online payment method (not to mention an payment exclusively online), because romanians are not used to pay online. "Maybe next year...". Well, if we don't start using, we'll not use it next year. C'mon, with courage! And for those who use their cards as frozen windshield cleaner I'm gonna say "Bye, bye" instead of "Buy, buy" :)
...bit too long i guess, had been in for a while.

IMPORTANT! does not retain under any circumstances any card information of yours, regardless of the payment type, a classic one or a recurring payment!

This is because your card details are not introduced on, but on MobilPay gateway, and the gateway does not send your card details to us, only your payment state and order number.