Grab a box

You wish to play new games regurarly? Of course you do! The easiest - and cheapest - way to do this is by grabbing a personal box and fill it every month with games you like.

Show me the boxes!

You can choose between 3 different box sizes. If your box is bigger, you can add more games to it.


50 Lei / month
up to 1 kg
up to 2 games
1 delivery / month
30 days rental



70 Lei / month
up to 2 kg
up to 3 games
1 delivery / month
30 days rental



90 Lei / month
up to 4 kg
up to 4 games
1 delivery / month
30 days rental


Do me the math please!

Okay, "math mode enable". Let's take the following example:

You choose a MEDIUM box. That means, you're card will be charged with 70 Lei at the moment you opt in.
Right after the payment, you can put 3 games in your box, up to 2 kg.

First month you gonna pick some party games, since you’re girlfriend’s girlfriends comes by:

- Paty Alias - 1 kg (market price: 75 Lei)
- Dixit - 0.8 kg (market price: 100 Lei)
- Cockroach poker - 0.2 kg (market price: 49 Lei)

You place your order, which will be confirmed in a few hours, then in 2 business the courier will bring the box with the games at your door. From now on, you can use the games 30 days, or less. Let's say you're going to play them for 20 days (rental days are calculated from the arrival date of the box to you, until the date that the curier pickup the box from you).

After arriving back, we verify the games, and if all is ok, after 30 days from your first payment, you'll be charged again with 70 Lei (automatically), and you'll be eligible to place another order.

Second month you gonna play some strategy with your geek buddies:

- 7 Wonders - 1.1 kg (market price: 168 Lei)
- Carcassonne - 0.9 kg (market price: 94 Lei)

Third month COVID hits again and you’re chained with your girlfriend, so beside other excitements you gonna play:

- Hive - 0.8 kg (market price: 74 Lei)
- 7 Wonders Duel - 0.6 kg (market price: 109 Lei)
- Love letter - 0.1 kg (market price: 44 Lei)

Forth month you break up, so you’re playing something solo:

- Terraforming Mars - 1.7 kg (market price: 219 Lei)

Let’s sume those up:

During 4 months
You played 9 games
You payed 280 Lei
You saved 75+100+49+168+94+74+109+44+219 - 280 = 652 Lei

I call that: Economy.

How much I’m going to pay?

When you subscribe, you will be charged by 1 month subscription. After 30 days you will be charged again with the same amount, and so on. You can cancel your subscription anytime, if you returned your box in a good condition.
Oh yes, and no further deposits!

Wait, no deposit?

Exactly. We trust you! After you bought your subscription, you can start filling your box, no worries.

I subscribed, made the payment, what now?

Hurry up, and fill that box! No need to wait, just place your first delivery order. When you're place an order however, you need to wait for our confirmation (we check if the games are still available).

What happens if I’m a bad guy?

In a rare case that:

- a game gets damaged, or
- you won’t return the box, or
- you’ll return partially without sending us a purchase request,

you're account will be suspended and we'll issue an invoice for the damage that have beed made. That means:

- you can't place delivery orders, and
- you can't cancel your subscription.

How to unsuspend your account?

- you can pay the issued invoice right away, or
- your subscription will remain active, that means you will be charged monthly until the invoice debt is balanced.

For more info read the Terms and Conditions, which is also the contract between you and us.

...anyway, you’re a good guy, aren’t you?

I wish to buy a game from the box, is it posible?

Of course! You need to send us a purchase request before you return the box. We’ll issue an invoice with the game’s market price presented on our site, and after you made the payment you can keep the game.