How it works?

Did you ever wondered about trying a game, actually without leaving your cozy home? Yes, it’s true, the games comes right to your door! And how we do it? We offer two ways of renting a game:

Try a single game

  • Select a game from our list.

  • Make a deposit of 100% of the game’s price.

  • The game will be delivered to your place within 2 business days.

  • Enjoy the game!

  • Between 5 - 20 days, upon arrival, request a return delivery.

  • After arriving back, we will revise the game within 1 business day.

  • If everything went fine, you will be charged with 5% of game’s price * days you posessed the game (delivery days are excluded), which will be deduced from your deposit. The rest will be refunded to you.

  • OR - if you wish to buy the game, just keep it! NO RENTAL FEE! You pay with your deposit.

  • If the game is returned damaged or partially, you’ll lose the deposit made.

Just do the math!

Let’s say you want so badly the game “Everdell”. You have a crush on this game, but it’s quite a fortune, 289 Lei !

- Is it worth buying?
- Is it really that good?
- Will you play this game every month in the next year?
- Or will it just gather dust on your shelf?

Let’s try it first!

You head over our store, picking the game “Everdell”.
After depositing the 289 Lei game’s market price and taking advantage of the FREE shipping over 250 Lei, within 2 days you’re doorbell rings!
No, it’s not the pizza...

Playing it for 5 days you realize that:

A) The game is not so good as you thought.
So you’ll request a retur, and you’re happy you saved:
289 - (5 * 289*5%) = ... 2nd class math, but let’s recap ...
289 - (5 * 14.5) = 289 - 72.5 = ... and finally ...

216.5 « this is the amount you saved!
72.5 « this is the cost of your whole Everdell career, the rental fee.

You saved up 75% of the price! Isn’t that great?

B) The game is awesome! It’s a must-have, so you decide to buy it.

You just keep it, there is no other things you have to do.

The cost of your 5 days try is 0, zero, null, nothing. The game is payed with your deposit.

End of story.

Grab a box

  • Choose a personal box subscription. Check our boxes here.

  • Pay the first month only, and cancel anytime, without commitment.

  • NO delivery tax and NO deposits!

  • Fill your box and place your order. You can request one delivery per month.

  • The box will be delivered to your place within 2 business days.

  • Enjoy the games!

  • In 30 days, you can request a return. We will pick up the box from you.

  • After arriving back, we will verify the content of the box.

  • If you wish to buy a game from your box, send us a purchase request before you request a return.

  • If the box content is returned damaged, or returned partially, or not returned at all, you’ll account will be suspended temporarly, and an invoice for the damage will be issued.

Just do the math!

You have some games at home, but you want to try so many other games too, but...

- You don’t want to spend so much on new games
- You play with only few of your games, once per month only.
- The shelf of yours is going to break if you buy one more.

Let’s pick a MEDIUM box of 70 Lei / month!

You’re paying the first month's subscription, 70 Lei, and you're ready to fill that box.

The MEDIUM box can contain up to 2 kg and a maximum of 3 games.

First month you gonna pick some party games, since you’re girlfriend’s girlfriends comes by:

- Paty Alias - 1 kg (market price: 75 Lei)
- Dixit - 0.8 kg (market price: 100 Lei)
- Cockroach poker - 0.2 kg (market price: 49 Lei)

Second month you gonna play some strategy with your geek buddies:

- 7 Wonders - 1.1 kg (market price: 168 Lei)
- Carcassonne - 0.9 kg (market price: 94 Lei)

Third month COVID hits again and you’re chained with your girlfriend, so beside other excitements you gonna play:

- Hive - 0.8 kg (market price: 74 Lei)
- 7 Wonders Duel - 0.6 kg (market price: 109 Lei)
- Love letter - 0.1 kg (market price: 44 Lei)

Forth month you break up, so you’re playing something solo:

- Terraforming Mars - 1.7 kg (market price: 219 Lei)

Let’s sume those up:

During 4 months
You played 9 games
You payed 280 Lei
You saved 75+100+49+168+94+74+109+44+219 - 280 = 652 Lei

I call that: Economy.