Deterioration & Deposits

Sometimes it happens to all of us that one of the card gets torned, or one of the token goes missing. Since every case is different and unique, we can't make a general rule on how we treat these issues.

Some parts are replaceable, others not.

Based on the contract, we should retain 100% of the game's market price, which means that:

- in case of Single rental you lose the entire deposit.
- in case of Box subscription your account will be suspended, until the invoice regarding the damage is unpaid, which has a value of the game's market price.

However, we try to avoid this kind of 100% penalization if we can fix the created damage instead of buying a new game.

How are the games verified?

- First of all, after arrival we measure the game's weight with a precision balance, comparing to it's weight before delivery.
- Afterwards we count the game's pieces.
- At the end we check the quality of the game's pieces.


When renting a game, you accept the fact that the game you're renting is in good and playable condition, and it hasn't been damaged before or during delivery.

Why we decline the responsibility of the game's damage?

- If you don't believe us, you can request a photo with a unique code about the game, therefore you can be sure that it is in good condition.
- The games are delivered in a doubled package: the games are in a rigid, plastic box, which is put in a cardboard box.